Personnel Manager

With a great reputation as a local employer, our name and brand is well known in the industry. We have a variety of interesting roles here at the West Brom and as a Personnel Manager it would be your role to drive a forward thinking and proactive approach to Talent Management across the business which brings with it a variety of development opportunities.

You could say variety is the name of the game in Personnel, this is why I enjoy my role so much.

As Personnel Manager I am responsible for a team of 4 HR professionals and work in partnership with Learning and Development to support our stakeholders. It is a busy and demanding role dealing with all aspects of the employer and employee relationship.

A typical day involves balancing the challenges of various projects, committees and key goals for the business along with the variety of handling challenging and sometimes very sensitive issues. Providing advice and support to Executives, Managers and staff and supporting the Divisional Director (HR) are all important responsibilities of mine.

I am committed to driving performance management to support the Society in achieving a high performance culture.

What I like about the West Brom:

  • Its forward thinking and pro-active approach to Talent Management and the availability of secondments and job swaps which are encouraged as a means of development
  • Its reputation, the West Brom has a great reputation as a reputable local employer, our name and brand is well known in our local communities
  • The people, they make it a great place to work. At the West Brom we take our Vision and Values very seriously and these are well respected and demonstrated by everyone