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Save and score a winner for your club

Build up your nest egg through an affinity account and help a club or charity at the same time.

Excitement is rising among football fans with the new domestic season now only one month away.

Loyal supporters are used to backing their favourite teams on the pitch, but there’s also a chance to do the same off it through a range of special savings accounts from the West Brom.

Through these affinity products we provide a direct link to three leading regional clubs - Albion Advantage for the Baggies, Saddlers Super Saver for Walsall and Amber Blue for Shrewsbury Town.

The principle behind the scheme is simple. We assign the accounts a rate of interest, part of which pays the saver a return on their investment. The rest is then used to calculate an annual bonus payment for the affinity partner.

That payment is based on the total average balance held across all accounts, so the more people save, the more their chosen club will receive.

David Taylor, Head of Products for the West Brom, said: “Clubs typically use the money, which can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of pounds, to support youth development and enhance their community engagement programmes.

“Some also offer account holders additional incentives such as discounts on merchandise, so savers get even more reward for their loyalty.”

The affinity accounts go beyond the sporting arena. If football’s not your thing then the West Brom applies the same approach to two community-focused products.

Our Community Account funds the Mercian Community Trust, a grant-giving scheme which assists good causes and projects throughout the region.

The Red Balloon Appeal Account is in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and, over the years, has helped to fund a new cancer ward, burns unit and centre for the treatment of rare diseases.

For further information on affinity accounts, visit the savings section of our website. 

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