Terms and Conditions

Member Council Terms and Conditions

The Member Council

Acting as a representative group, the Member Council will be made up of participants who are all members of the West Bromwich Building Society – and we are looking for between 12 and 15 people to join the Council from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that truly represent the membership of the Society.

The Council will meet four times a year at the Society’s head office in West Bromwich in the West Midlands.

Qualifying Criteria

In order to be able to join the Council you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Hold either a savings or mortgage product with the West Brom currently
  • Be able to attend one Council meeting per quarter (total of four per year)
  • Preferably be available via email in order to access documentation
  • Have been a member of the Society for a minimum of one year

You will be removed from the Council if you choose to leave the Society.

Member Council Expectations

Being part of the Member Council you will be expected to:

  • Attend all Council meetings
  • Review and respond to all communications relating to Council matters within the agreed timescales (preferably via email)
  • Contribute to Council discussions in order to drive positive outcomes
  • Participate on a voluntary basis (we will contribute towards expenses such as travel costs, but members will not receive payment for sitting on the Council)
  • Adhere to the Council’s Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct

Your personal data

Your co-operation on the Council is entirely voluntary. Personal data and any information provided will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. You can find full details on how we process your personal data at www.westbrom.co.uk/privacy-notice.