The Power of Three

  • 2nd November 2015

If customers had to describe the West Brom in just three words, which ones would they choose?

They say that first impressions last, so we were eager to hear what panel members thought of their Society.

We asked you a simple question – tell us how you would describe the West Brom, but use the first three words that come to mind.

For a building society which prides itself on delivering a superior standard of customer service, we were delighted that the word most commonly used by respondents was friendly, closely followed by helpful and service.

Word-strings that featured these particular words included:

  • Friendly, warm, polite
  • Staff very helpful 
  • Service, first class

Also quoted by many customers was the word local in reflection of the Society’s regional identity and its branch network, for example ‘local, helpful, reliable’.  However, for some customers this attribute was considered more of a disadvantage, prompting the response ‘remote, Midlands oriented’. 

A few other concerns were raised, such as ‘interest too low’ and ‘losing traditional image’, comments which we will certainly take on board.

Nevertheless, it has to be said that your reactions were generally extremely positive and complementary, which is hugely satisfying for us and all our colleagues in customer facing roles.

And what if the tables were turned and we were asked to describe our customers in three words?  That’s easy – loyal, valued and, above all, appreciated.

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