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7 ways to help prevent frozen and burst pipes - infographic

When the cold weather hits, it is essential that you and your home don't fall victim to the inconvenience and costly repairs that frozen and burst water pipes can bring. Our infographic below details seven ways that you can be best prepared to prevent frozen and burst pipes from happening.

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Your guide to weathering storms

If heavy winds and rain are on the cards, it can be prudent to make preparations to limit damage to your home, not to mention help protect you and your loved ones. We’ve put together some handy tips that could save you money and reduce the worry, keeping you safe and sound in a storm.

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Preparing for floods

If your home is at risk of flooding, it’s worthwhile taking steps to prepare yourself. We’ve gathered a few simple ideas to help you protect your property against rising water, and advise what to do should the worst happen. Follow our ten hints and you could be home and dry.

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7 ways to protect yourself from floods - infographic

Due to its unpredictability, the British weather can bring a deluge of rainfall at any period during the year. To reduce the cost to repair damages, our infographic below outlines the steps to take to ensure you are protected against a flood, and what actions you should take if your home and its contents have been affected by floodwater.

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7 ways to help prevent a house fire - infographic

Our infographic below shows you seven of the most effective ways that can protect yourself and your home from fire. Identifying any possible fire hazards in your home allows you to then take the appropriate precautions necessary to help prevent any form of house fire occurring.

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