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Why now's the time for an online savings account

An online savings account with the West Brom provides you with an easy and secure way for you to manage your savings online.


Finding the time to manage your savings

For many of us, our busy lives put a huge demand on our ever increasing daily schedule. As a result, finding the time during the day to manage our savings can be difficult. This is where an online savings account could help.

The benefits of an online savings account

With an online savings account you can manage your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience – at home, work or on the move via your computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no need to worry about waiting in queues on your lunch break, filling out paperwork or rushing about at a weekend to get to a branch. What’s more, you can access your savings in just a few clicks so you can keep a close eye on your balance, pay money in and transfer money out whenever you like.

Keeping secure online

A West Brom online savings account is an easy way for you to manage your savings online and we do everything we can to ensure your online savings are 100% safe and secure. However, you need to do your part too.

Never share your login details with anyone. Your login details are required to access your account online. It is vital that your personal security information is known to you and you only.

If you use a shared computer to access your online savings account, then don’t allow the browser to remember your log-in credentials when prompted. 

Always ensure that you’re fully logged out of your online savings account before you leave the West Brom website.

Check out our helpful infographic for some important security tips that you should always be aware of when banking with an online savings account.

Our range of online savings accounts

At the West Brom, we offer savings accounts that can be managed online along with accounts that can be managed by phone, post or in our branches.

  • Click here to see our range of online savings accounts.


Click here to view our range of savings accounts available online, in branch and over the phone.

Keeping your money safe

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