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Complete the fields below ensuring you have the applicant(s) personal information (including the mortgage account number and the sort code and last four digits of their bank/building society account number the mortgage is paid from) and property details. When you’ve entered all of the required information, submit your request to us. We will confirm receipt of your request by email.

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In order for us to validate your client’s authority you will need to provide us with your client's sort code and the last 4 digits of their account number relating to the bank/building society account the mortgage is paid from. Please note that failure to provide this information will mean that we will not be able to release the requested mortgage account information.

Example format: '00-00-00'

Example format: '1234'

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 Great news – we’re upgrading our broker portal soon

As part of our ongoing continuous improvement programme, which includes listening to your valuable feedback, we have invested in a new broker portal and we will be launching the new enhanced system to improve our service to you and your clients soon.

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