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Deferred mortgage payment calculator

This calculator will help you understand how deferring your mortgage payment could change your future repayments and total balance, taking into account the additional interest accrued over the deferred period. We just need to know a few details about your mortgage first, including your mortgage balance.

Not sure what your mortgage balance is? You can check it online using our ‘view your mortgage’ portal. Alternatively, you can use our automated telephone service.

Part and Part mortgage

If your mortgage has two parts, one being repayment (capital and interest) and one being interest only, you will need to calculate these separately and add the results together to understand the impact over the term of your mortgage.

Please note:

  • All calculations are estimates in order to provide indicative figures only.
  • Rounding has been performed to simplify the results provided.
  • It is assumed that there are no other changes during the duration of your mortgage (e.g. interest rate changes)

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Helpful information

Deferred mortgage FAQs

Whether you're looking to request a mortgage payment deferral or are coming to the end of your deferred period, we're here to help and answer your queries.

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Mortgage payment difficulties

Find out what help and support is available to you, from the West Brom and other organisations, should you fall behind with your monthly mortgage payments.

Payment difficulties

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