Selected third parties

The Society may distribute its customers’ personal information to carefully selected third party companies, for the purpose of operating its financial services, and for legal and regulatory reasons, namely:<br><ul><li>For making credit-related decisions.</li><li>For confirming a customer’s identity.</li><li>For preventing and detecting crime, and debt recovery e.g. fraud or money laundering.</li><li>For improving the efficiency of its administration.</li></ul>The Society and selected third parties may use personal information for keeping customers informed of their products and services. Customers can opt-out of direct marketing mailings.<br><br>Where the Society collects and processes ‘sensitive’ information (as defined by the Data Protection Act e.g. about a customer’s health or racial origin), the individual’s express consent will be requested first.<br><br>The Society provides training for its employees and emphasises the need to keep its information, especially personal information provided by its customers, confidential. The Society also takes reasonable steps to maintain the security of its computer network and secure storage of paper documents. For example, the personal information provided via its website will be sent electronically to the Society in an encrypted format.<br><br>For further information and guidance about Data Protection, please contact the Information Commissioner: <a href =""></a>. Help Line: 01625 545 745.