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WeBSave Enhancements

Here at the West Brom we’ve been continuing our work to improve the online experience for our members. Following on from a number of enhancements made over the past 12 months, we are now introducing an updated secure WeBSave savings site with the aim of making things even easier and more convenient for you.

The changes to the secure WeBSave savings site are available to all WeBSave customers from 5 September 2018 and we believe you’ll notice the difference straightaway. Giving you access across a range of devices, the changes allow you to manage your accounts in the way that best suits you.

As part of our new-look WeBSave site, you will also have:

  • A refreshed design to make it simpler to find your way around the site
  • A clearer and crisper layout that works across desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Fewer clicks for making changes to your details and to open new accounts
  • The ability to personalise your account names and to track savings goals

You can still access your accounts in the same way with your username, password, and memorable information. And if you need help in navigating around our updated site, you can view our WeBSave quick reference guide.

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