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Mortgage Customer Support - Coronavirus

We understand that you may be worried about Coronavirus and what it might mean for you and your mortgage. We want to reassure you that we're here to help. We have a number of policies in place to help you if you fall into financial difficulty.

Who is eligible?

The option to take a new mortgage payment deferral closed on 31 March 2021. If you are currently in a deferral period and have been for less than six months, you can extend this for up to six months in total until the 31 July 2021.

For customers who are already in shortfall, arrears or financial difficulty, we will continue to work with you to review your individual circumstances and consider the full suite of forbearance options that are available.

How do I know if deferring my mortgage payments is right for me?

Its important to consider if extending your deferred payment is right for you.

You will temporarily be making no payments on your mortgage, this means your balance will not reduce but your mortgage term will. At the end of the deferred period, your monthly payment will be recalculated and may increase to ensure your outstanding balance is repaid over the remaining mortgage term.

Deferring your mortgage payments will depend on your circumstances. If you're unsure if deferring your mortgage payment is right for you, MoneyHelper have developed a number of guides, including 'A guide to coronavirus mortgage payment holidays'. This provides more information on what deferring your mortgage payment may mean.

It's important to remember, if you're currently working and able to pay your monthly mortgage payments that you continue to do so.

Also, if your circumstances change you can get in touch with us to review your options.

Important things to consider

If you have insurance with us, your cover will remain in place during this period.

The interest on your mortgage will continue to accrue throughout the deferred period and will be added to your outstanding balance. It is therefore in your best interests to pay as much as you can throughout this period to minimise the amount of additional interest that will be charged.

For an indication of how deferring your mortgage could impact your monthly payments and total mortgage balance, you can use our deferred payment calculator.

When completing our online mortgage payment deferral request you will need to self-certify that your income had been either directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus.

Please note: If your mortgage payment is due in the next 10 days, we may not be able to stop your Direct Debit being taken. If this happens your mortgage payment will still be deferred for the agreed period but will start from the following month.

How do I request to extend my payment deferral?

If you would like to extend your payment deferral, you'll need to contact our Credit Services team on 0800 083 8031 or 0345 241 0593.

Will this affect my credit score?

Where we have agreed to defer mortgage payments, no arrears will accrue on your mortgage account and therefore no arrears will be reported to the credit reference agencies. Consequently this should not affect your credit score which is calculated by the Credit Reference Agency. However it is important to consider that companies may take into account other information when making future decisions.

Please note, if you do not come to an agreement with us and do not make your monthly mortgage payments, the amounts would be reported to the credit reference agencies in line with our existing processes. You should not cancel your direct debit before a payment holiday has been agreed, as this will be counted as a missed payment and therefore will impact your credit file.

What happens after the deferment period ends?

We will contact you prior to the end of the deferred period to confirm your new monthly payment and the options that may be available to you.

What other support is available to me?

There are a number of independent organisations that can offer support during this period:

There are also a number of other organisations available to help, simply visit our payment difficulties page to find out more.

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