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Savings guides

Introduction to Savings

We all know that having money set aside is something we can really benefit from – and, if we get it right, it means we will spend less time saving and more time deciding what to spend our money on. For some of us, knowing where to start when it comes to the subject of savings can be tricky. This guide gives you an understanding of why and how you should save as well as some additional information to help you along the way.

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Working towards a savings goal

Whether you are saving up for something special or just building up some cash for that ‘rainy day’, setting yourself a savings goal can really help you reach your target faster.

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Savings A-Z

Whether you are new to saving or not, the financial world is full of terms and phrases that can seem unfamiliar or confusing. Our Savings A-Z guide is on hand to help make dealing with your money as straight forward as possible for you.

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Why now's the time for an online savings account

An online savings account with the West Brom provides you with an easy and secure way for you to manage your savings online.

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Making the most of your ISA

Our tax-free savings guide could help you give your savings a boost.

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Why a Fixed Rate Bond could work for you

If you are looking for a good rate of interest, don’t need access to your money and want the reassurance of knowing what your interest rate will be, then a fixed rate bond could be a good choice.

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Having easy access to your money

Whether you are opening a savings account for the very first time or you are an experienced saver, there are times when you may need to dip into your savings. If this is the case, then an easy access savings account could be ideal for you.

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Staying safe when banking online - infographic

Check out our helpful infographic which provides you with some important security tips that you should be aware of when banking with an online savings account.

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A guide to Help to Buy: ISAs

Saving for your first home? Read our guide and find out how a Help to Buy: ISA could boost your savings.

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