Governance and engagement

The UK Corporate Governance code sets standards of good practice in relation to board leadership and effectiveness, remuneration, accountability and stakeholder-relations. We pledge to provide transparent and clear leadership.

Overview and our Board

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. Discover how we apply the guidelines and principles put in place, ensuring that the Society is able to reach its goals and objectives in a way that benefits its members and stakeholders alike.

Board committees

Find out about the different board committees we have in place at the West Brom. Information includes the purpose of each individual committee as well as the specific functions that they undertake.

Society Rules and Memorandum

The Memorandum states the purpose of the Society and sets out its powers. The Rules contain terms and conditions setting out how the Society is managed, including provisions governing Membership of the Society.

Gender pay reporting

As a business employing more than 250 members of staff, the West Brom is required to publish information relating to gender pay. Our latest report is available here, which includes an update on the Society’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.