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Savings Calculator

How much will you save?

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Use the savings calculator as a guide to how much you could save with one of our accounts.

1How much will you invest?


Initial Investment

Your initial investment is the funds which you wish to add to your account upon initial opening of the account.

Monthly Investment

If you are looking to invest a regular monthly amount, then select a value here

2Interest Rate

3What do you want to calculate?

4How much will I save over time?


Savings Duration

This is the length of time you wish to save for.

4How long to reach my saving goal?


Savings Goal

This is the amount of money you wish to save up to.


  • This calculator is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon.
  • The calculations provided are based on a standard 365 day calendar year.
  • The actual amount of interest earned may be different depending on when the actual investment is made.
  • The calculation is illustrative only and does not account for changes in the rate of interest over the period specified. 


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