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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the web browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet that websites use to store information about you during and between sessions. The cookie only contains data, not code, so it can’t contain a virus or spyware. This doesn’t mean that all cookies are harmless in intent, but they can only ever store information.

Session cookies
These are temporary cookie files which are deleted when you close your internet browser. These cookies will not be remembered on your next visit. We use these cookies for personalised mortgages and savings calculations on our website.

Persistent cookies
These are cookies which stay in your browser folder until you either choose to delete them or they expire.

Because of cookies, your web browser can remember you are logged in, or have visited a site before, or what your personal preferences are.

Why we use cookies...

The Society's website uses cookies to support some of the security features of this site (such as logging into WeBSave) and to make a record of your visit (for example the time you visited the site and pages viewed). This information is only used for system administration purposes and to provide statistics for evaluating use of the website. We also use short term cookies to facilitate the presentation of relevant information or advertisements on third party websites based on the users site visit.

Use of cookies by the West Brom

The cookies we use fall into three categories:

Strictly Necessary and Performance Related
These are cookies that are deemed necessary to the operation of the website, such as those that measure and those that distribute website traffic or those that allow you to log in to secure areas. We use:

  • Google Analytics
  • Comscore

These are cookies that are used to provide services or to remember settings in order to improve your experience on our website, such as language preferences, calculator usage and previously viewed pages. We use:

  • Sitecore
  • Sitecore Analytics

These are cookies that are used to optimise services and campaigns. We use:

  • CampaignID
  • DoubleClick
  • Sitecore Analytics

Are cookies a privacy risk?

The use of cookies makes it easier and faster for you to carry out transactions online, and to log into online accounts. The compromise for this convenience is that it may open you up to a loss of privacy.

Cookies do not collect personal information unless you choose to allow them to do so. E.g allowing a website to remember your user ID and/or password next time you log in. Cookies are stored on your own hard drive and not anywhere else on the web and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

You should be careful when using accepting cookies on a computer or device that is not your own or using a one in a shared or open environment.

Opting out of receiving cookies

You may opt out of receiving cookies by setting your browser to not accept any cookies. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or

Please be aware that in doing this, some areas of our website and our WeBSave service will not operate correctly.

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