Customer panel

The West Brom customer panel

What is the Customer Panel?

As a building society the West Brom operates first and foremost in the interests of its members.

So that’s why we have set up our customer panel – to make sure we are listening to your views about our products and services, and to hear your suggestions for how we could improve things.

The Customer Panel is your opportunity to get involved with the way we do things at the West Brom and to influence the shape of our products and services in the years to come. As a member of the Panel you will be our sounding board for decision making.

What will I be expected to do?

As a panel member you will be invited to give feedback about a variety of topics. For example we may ask you to help us road test new product ideas or customer literature, or we may ask for your opinion about our services or your wider opinion on the savings market for example. The results from each survey will be used to help make decisions across the Society, and of course as a valued member of the Panel we will always let you know what’s changed as a result of your feedback.

We will send you regular email invites to participate in short online surveys. However you will only be contacted to take part in the research which is relevant to you and you won’t be contacted more than once a month. In the future there may also be opportunities to take part over the phone or at face to face discussions but only if you are happy to do this.

How do I join the Customer Panel?

To join the Customer Panel click here. You will need to provide us with your email address in order to register. We will also ask for your contact details in order to be able to match your details against our customer database. We need to do this in order to be able to identify the research which is most relevant to you.