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Mortgage calculators and tools

Our mortgage calculators and tools have been designed to help you at every step of your mortgage journey. From finding out how much you can borrow, tracking the progress of your mortgage application and calculating how much money you could save by making overpayments, we've got you covered.

How much can I borrow calculator

Looking to purchase a home or remortgage? Use this mortgage calculator to find out much you could borrow in four easy steps.

How much can I borrow calculator

Track your mortgage

Applied for a mortgage with us? You can keep up to date with your mortgage application with our Track your mortgage tool.

Track my mortgage

View your mortgage

Already got a mortgage with us? You can access your account information online, 24 hours a day* with our mortgage portal.

View my mortgage

Overpayment calculator

Thinking about making an overpayment on your mortgage? Use our overpayment calculator to find out how it could affect your monthly payment, total balance and the length of your mortgage term.

Overpayment calculator

*except when systems are unavailable due to essential maintenance

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