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Moving home - take your mortgage deal with you

If you already have a West Brom mortgage and you're looking to move home, then you may be able to take your existing deal with you.

Most of our deals are portable, which means that if you’re an existing mortgage customer you could take your rate with you if you move. To port, you'll need to qualify for a new mortgage, not be moving the rate to a property you already own, and not have a gap between selling and buying. Other conditions may apply - to discuss your porting options, book an appointment with one of our qualified advisers.

Moving home - stay with us

As an existing mortgage customer, it is easier for you to stay with us when you move home:

  • We already know you, so it's quicker and easier to buy your next home with us
  • Almost all of our mortgages are portable
  • When you move home you can take your existing mortgage balance at your existing rate and there is no need to pay an early repayment charge
  • If you need a bigger mortgage, then you can port your existing borrowing and take advantage of our current great deals for the difference
  • If you're downsizing and reducing the size of your mortgage, then an early repayment charge may be applicable.


New mortgage, new home

protecting your money

You can also look at having a new mortgage deal if you don’t want to take your existing one with you. Whether you're about to roll off an existing mortgage deal, are on our standard variable rate or are considering breaking your current deal, there are options available to you - book an appointment today to find out more. To get in touch, please visit our Contact us page.