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What is the AGM?

As a mutual organisation, you, our members have a say in how we run the Society. That's why, each year we invite you to attend our AGM where you are entitled to pose questions to the Board and vote on various resolutions.

How do I vote?

Every year, in June, we send eligible members an AGM voting pack. This pack contains all the information required in order to vote. Please note, if you have registered to go paperless for our AGM, your pack will be emailed to you.

Who can vote at the AGM?

To be eligible to vote at the West Brom AGM you must:

a. be at least 18 years old on the date of the AGM; and

b. be a sole or first-named account holder in our records; and

c. either;

i. have a balance of at least £100 in your investment share account(s) with the Society on 31 March, and have continued to hold an investment share account(s) with the Society between 31 March and the voting date; or

ii. have owed the Society not less than £100 on your mortgage account(s) on 31 March and on the voting date.

No matter how many savings or mortgage accounts you may have, you are only entitled to vote once. To be eligible to vote, the Society Rules require that you are a sole or first-named account holder in the Society’s records. Therefore if you have a joint account, the AGM pack will only be addressed to the first-named account holder.

Go paperless for our AGM

All members have the option to receive their AGM information by email, making it easier, quicker and more convenient for you to cast your AGM vote. If, in future years, you would like to access your AGM information by email, please call us on 0345 241 3784.