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Many families enjoy an active lifestyle and getting out on their bicycles is an important part of that. As bicycles become more sophisticated, keeping them safe from being stolen or damaged has become a priority for many of us. With our Pedal Cycle cover you can protect your family’s bikes whether they’re being kept in your home or you’ve take them away with you.

What's included in our Pedal Cycle cover?

  • Loss or damage to pedal cycles with a replacement value of £1,500 or less, when kept at home or away. Pedal cycles over £1,500 need to be specified
  • Theft from unattended vehicles up to a value of £1,500, theft from outbuildings up to £5,000 in total on our Standard cover, or up to £7,500 in total on our Premier cover

What you need to know about our Pedal Cycle cover

The following is not covered in our Pedal Cycle insurance:

  • Loss or damage to any pedal cycle left unattended in a public place unless the bicycle is locked to an object that cannot be moved

For more information about our Pedal Cycle cover, please see our Home Insurance Policy Wording, West Brom Standard Insurance Product Information Document and West Brom Premier Insurance Product Information Document documents.

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