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How do I open a new Savings Account under a Power of Attorney?

An Attorney(s) is able to open a new Savings Account on behalf of the Donor, providing that there are no limitations in the document preventing this. For example the Power of Attorney may prevent the Attorney(s) acting until the Donor has lost their mental and/or physical capacity.

The only exception to this rule is the opening of new Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) by an Attorney(s) on behalf of the Donor and the opening of a WeBSave online savings account (which is not an ISA).

Due to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rules, the opening of ISAs using  Powers of Attorney is more limited than the opening of other types of savings account. The chart below shows when an Attorney can use a Power of Attorney to open an ISA.

ISA Opening Under a Power of Attorney Chart

Type of Power of Attorney Circumstances  Attorney(s)
General (or Ordinary) Where the Donor is a member of the Armed Forces posted in a warzone or is physically unable to sign the application form
Where the Donor is not a member of the Armed Forces posted in a warzone and is fully able to make the application themselves
Lasting Registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)
Enduring Unregistered


✔* Dependent upon any restrictions within the LPA and provided that it is broad enough to cover the opening of an ISA.

For more information on ISAs see the West Brom’s ISA guide here.

In order to open a new account using a Power of Attorney, we will need to be in receipt of the following:

Required in all cases:

  • Completed application form for the account you are applying for.
  • Power of Attorney application form which can be found in our forms library.
  • Original Power of Attorney document (or a copy certified on every page by a solicitor or other legal professional, using their company stamp and showing the name of the person certifying the document).
  • If the Power of Attorney is an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney, this must be a Property and Affairs Power of Attorney (as we do not allow Health and Wellbeing Power of Attorney documents to be registered on savings accounts).

May be required (dependent on circumstances)

  • If you are applying for an ISA, HM Revenue and Customs rules concerning who can open an ISA using a Power of Attorney apply. Please check the table above to ensure that the correct person opens the ISA.

If the Donor and/or the Attorney(s) are not currently Members of the West Brom, we will attempt to verify their identity electronically. If, for any reason, we are unable to electronically identity any person who will be connected to the account(s), we will write and request documents to confirm identity.

Where to send the documentation

If you live near one of our branches you can visit your local branch with the Power of Attorney paperwork. You can find details your nearest branch here.

Please forward the Power of Attorney paperwork, depending on the type of account the Donor holds, to the relevant address below:

Branch or Postal/Telephone Accounts:

the West Brom 
Savings Department 
2 Providence Place,
West Bromwich
B70 8AF.

WeBSave (online) Accounts:

West Bromwich Building Society WeBSave Accounts
PO BOX 1278
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE99 5BQ


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