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It's mission accomplished for charity partnership

During a troubling time when health services have never been under such pressure, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity has continued its crucial lifesaving service, responding as always to major trauma injuries or potential fatalities, maybe even more so as a consequence of the Covid crisis.

Yet, as an organisation that doesn’t receive any funding from the Government, NHS or National Lottery for its daily missions, the charity is wholly dependent on the public and corporate organisations to support them in their work.

That’s why, here at the West Brom, we’re enormously proud of the £30,000 we’ve raised towards Midlands Air Ambulance Charity in what has been a wonderfully successful partnership since it first took off, but which is now coming into land after a year of marvellous fundraising.

There have certainly been plenty of highlights – golf day, football tournament, fun runs, quizzes, Hot Choc Day, festive fundraisers, Go Red Day, funfair, even a salsa session – but such fun activities have all had a very serious goal in mind.

When we consider that each air ambulance mission costs £2,500 (and its Critical Care Car £224 every time it takes to the road) then we can see how essential that sum of £30,000 is. Indeed, it’s no stretch of imagination to say this will have undoubtedly helped saved lives.

Understandably, Jon Cottrell, senior partnership executive at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, was full of praise for the West Brom’s commitment.

“Your staff have been simply superb, showing tremendous energy, creativity and determination in their fundraising endeavours. Your passion for the charity was clear, which is why arrangements were also made for staff to meet our aircrew at the RAF Cosford airbase. Thank you to everyone at the West Brom – the money raised will go a long way in supporting our vitally important lifesaving service across the Midlands region.”

Speaking for the West Brom, our Finance Director, Ashraf Piranie, expressed some of the reasons why it proved such a popular cause with colleagues and customers.

It reflects the reality that we never know when we too, or someone we love, might need the help of this amazing service. I have been fortunate to meet some of the charity’s paramedics, doctors, and pilots and to hear how they deal with truly traumatic episodes with a remarkable yet unassuming professionalism. I found it really humbling. And it’s also why I am so proud of my colleagues at the West Brom for all their immense commitment and compassion.” 

We’ll soon be looking at a new community cause in what is a challenging fundraising environment. But we do so with a memorable partnership behind us, thanks to our staff and, of course, customers, who have also contributed so generously to the West Brom’s fundraising mission for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

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