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The Society is crowned as the Best Regular Savings provider

This week we are celebrating the recognition we’ve received from the annual Moneynet Personal Finance awards. 

The award win recognises the consistently competitive rates that we continue to offer to our members through our products. As mentioned in our half-year results, we’ve been able to offer above average rates to our customers, despite the conditions of the pandemic. It is always at the forefront to ensure we are providing the best services and products to our customers, and the award recognises this commitment. 

Established in 1997, Moneynet is one of the longest running personal finance information sites in the UK. It takes great pleasure in helping consumers increase their awareness of the inventive and market leading products across the full personal finance spectrum which includes current accounts, savings, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages. 

Each year the Moneynet Personal Finance Awards recognises the top personal providers and products from the previous twelve month. As part of the criteria, they consider product developments and features and best buy accounts. They also consider the consistency of competitive rates, choice and solutions offered by the various providers.  

Sophie Dwyer, our Savings Product Manager, believes the awards recognises our commitment to our members: 

“We are proud to have received this award from Moneynet as it reflects our commitment to protect our members in a historically low interest rates environment. I’m particularly pleased that we were recognised for our Regular Saver, as this product was specifically designed to help people to develop good savings habits. Building up a pot of savings that can be used for retirement, an unexpected expense or even a treat, is so important for mental well-being and so our regular saver products are a really important part of our range.”

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