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All Clear

The panel helps us to improve an important information leaflet about identification checks.


The Feeling is Mutual

How do customers define the purpose of a building society and what do they expect in terms of service from their provider?


Virtually Perfect

When visiting a website, what makes a great experience for customers who are looking for online support?


Still Striving to Save

Will savers be putting more or less money aside this year and how are market conditions affecting people’s general attitude towards saving?


Read All About Us

Is it easy to access news and information about your Society and what formats do customers prefer?

Branch experience_landing

At Your Service

What matters most to customers when using a building society branch and how does the West Brom compare with its service?

App form 1_landing

On Top Form

Thanks to the customer panel, our latest application form is simple to use and understand.


Getting Started

What matters to customers when it comes to finding the right children’s savings account?


Keeping it Simple

Customer panel members helped us road-test a new savings guide before copies were printed and put into our branches.

A Moving Story

How do people go about researching and applying for a mortgage and what role does the internet have to play?

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