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Sudden and unexpected accidents happen all the time so it’s good to know that when they do, your property and contents will be protected. With our Accidental Damage cover mishaps such as kicking a ball through a window or spilling wine on your sofa doesn’t have to spoil your day.

You can choose to add the Accidental Damage cover to any of our core policies or get it automatically if you choose our Premier cover.

What's included in our Accidental Damage cover?


  • Damage to drains, pipes, cables and underground tanks


  • Breaking of ceramic hobs, mirrors and fixed glass in furniture and shelves
  • Accidental loss of oil, gas, liquid petroleum or metered water
  • Spillages on soft furnishings and furniture
  • Breaking of vases, damage to free standing white goods including up to £1000 cover for freezer food

What you need to know about our Accidental Damage cover

The following is not covered in our Accidental Damage insurance:

  • The damage caused by gradual deterioration
  • Accidental damage to clothing
  • Damaged caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown

For more information about our Accidental Damage cover, please see our Home Insurance Policy Wording, West Brom Standard Insurance Product Information Document and West Brom Premier Insurance Product Information Document documents.

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