Privacy and your personal information

Maintaining your privacy

The personal information entered into this website will be processed in accordance with the principles and requirements of the Data Protection Act. The Society has notified the Information Commissioner about what personal information it processes and why - this notification is held on a Public Register.

Why we collect your information

The data that we collect about you will always be used in the most sincere way. Below are some of the reasons why we collect data about you:

  • to confirm your identity
  • to administer your accounts
  • to let you know about other relevant products and services
  • for crime prevention and for compliance with our legal and regulatory responsibilities
  • for statistical analysis purposes
  • for staff training purposes.
We will only collect information which enables us to provide our services. We will keep your information as long as it is required for our legitimate business purposes and for any retention period that we are legally required to meet.

Entering your details

All of the information you enter on this website is sent to us securely. The data is 'strongly' encrypted, making it virtually impossible to read without a 'key' to decipher it. It is stored in a secure area that can only be accessed by authorised persons.

Our site uses 256 bit encryption, so it is important that the browser you use supports this.

Accessing your details

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to see and receive a copy of any personal information we may hold on you. To request a copy of the personal information we hold on you, please write to us at the below address.

Data Protection Officer
West Bromwich Building Society
2 Providence Place
West Bromwich
B70 8AF

Please provide enough detail in your letter to enable us to locate your information including, where applicable, account number(s) and any previous addresses.

West Bromwich Building Society charges a fee of £10.00 for this service. The Society then has 40 days in which to provide your information, although there are circumstances when it is not obliged to do so. Where appropriate the Society will ask you to prove your identify before administering a Subject Access Request.

What you should do if your information is incorrect

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected. To request a correction to your details please write to:

Data Protection Officer
West Bromwich Building Society
2 Providence Place
West Bromwich
B70 8AF.

Selected third parties

The Society may distribute its customers’ personal information to carefully selected third party companies, for the purpose of operating its financial services, and for legal and regulatory reasons, namely:

  • For making credit-related decisions.
  • For confirming a customer’s identity.
  • For preventing and detecting crime, and debt recovery e.g. fraud or money laundering.
  • For improving the efficiency of its administration.
The Society and selected third parties may use personal information for keeping customers informed of their products and services. Customers can opt-out of direct marketing mailings.

Where the Society collects and processes ‘sensitive’ information (as defined by the Data Protection Act e.g. about a customer’s health or racial origin), the individual’s express consent will be requested first.

The Society provides training for its employees and emphasises the need to keep its information, especially personal information provided by its customers, confidential. The Society also takes reasonable steps to maintain the security of its computer network and secure storage of paper documents. For example, the personal information provided via its website will be sent electronically to the Society in an encrypted format.

For further information and guidance about Data Protection, please contact the Information Commissioner: Help Line: 01625 545 745.

Credit reference and debt recovery process

The Society’s credit agencies, for reference and identity verification, are Equifax, Call Credit and Experian. We will give you 28 days' notice before recording a default with the credit reference agencies. The default will remain on the credit reference agency records for 6 years. A third party such as a solicitor or Debt Collection Agency may be used to recover the debt; if we decide to take this action we will inform you before we disclose your details to them. If we are unable to find you, we pass your information on to a Tracing agency.

Contacting us

Your telephone conversations with the Society may be recorded. This is to help the Society in its continuous focus to improve customer service and to offer additional security. Calls and electronic communications may also be monitored for reasons of staff training, and may be retained.