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Discover how our home insurance could help you cope with a home emergency.

It’s a situation we hope we’re never forced to deal with, but for those who have to make a claim on their insurance following a home emergency, good customer service and a swift resolution are of paramount importance.

West Brom customer Maureen Pegg can relate only too well to this having returned home earlier this year to find her property flooded by a burst water pipe.

Maureen first took out her policy when she lived in Stourbridge via the local West Brom branch and while she and her husband Peter may have since moved home, the agreement with the Society’s home insurance provider Royal and Sun Alliance remains in place.

She said: “For me it isn’t always about the price of the things you buy, but also the standard of service you receive in the event of something going wrong.

“The incident was obviously very traumatic and there was an awful lot of mess to clear up, but I can’t fault the support we had or the quality of the repair work carried out.”

The flood happened while the couple were out after a plastic joint on a pipe connected to their upstairs toilet failed.

“To our horror we found water coming through the ceiling, running down the walls and nearly two inches had collected on the floor,” Maureen explained.

“We immediately turned the water off to stop the flow and tried to save what items we could by lifting them off the ground.  After that we phoned Royal and Sun Alliance to ask for help and advice.”

The company arranged for a plumber to visit the house within one hour and carry out a temporary repair.  A fire and flood specialist arrived the following morning and installed dehumidifiers and commercial fans to start drying things out.

Maureen said: “We were put in a hotel for three nights while they cleaned everything up, but actual repairs and redecorating had to wait because it took nearly three weeks for the house to completely dry out.

“We were assigned a Loss Adjuster, Laura Jessop, who was excellent and arranged for all the work to be done.  It was incredible just how much damage was done, everything from carpets and flooring to the staircase and light fittings.

“They even had to replace our oven and dishwasher because flood water had got inside.  Annoyingly we’d not long had the kitchen redecorated, so the timing was unbelievable.”

It took around eight weeks from the date of the flood to the last of the repairs being completed and Maureen and Peter were certainly relieved to have everything returned to normal.

“I’d never had to make a claim on my home insurance before and while it was undoubtedly a stressful and upsetting experience, my insurance provider made the process as easy as they could,” Maureen added.

Making a claim

West Brom home insurance customers can call our claims helpline on 0845 072 7145.  Staff are friendly and highly experienced in dealing with all types of queries and claims.

A personal claims handler will be appointed to work on your claim, providing you with a single point of contact throughout the process.  The helpline is open between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday and 9am until 1pm on Saturdays.  Please have your policy number to hand when you call.

Not a West Brom customer?  Are you looking for a better deal on your home insurance? 

We offer core cover of either buildings insurance, contents insurance or a combination of both.  You then add the extra cover options that best suit your needs, so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary protection.  These options include technology and entertainment, garden items, accidental damage and home emergency cover.

West Brom home insurance is underwritten and administered by Royal and Sun Alliance.  Talk to us in branch or visit the insurance section on our website for more information.

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