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As a mutual organisation, the Society is owned and run for the benefit of its members and we remain proudly committed to this principle of mutuality.

mutuality in action at the west brom

Our members are our strength

The principles of mutuality have guided and shaped the West Brom since we were first formed. Mutuality is all about looking after the interests of our members, which is the driving force behind the Society’s decision-making and direction.

Being a building society, we’re different to a bank. We don’t have to answer to shareholders, which means we aren’t required to pay any dividends. Instead, any profit we make is reinvested in the Society for the benefit of members now and in the future.

As a traditional independent building society, the principles of mutuality are at the forefront of our thinking. That means focusing on giving people the means to buy their own home and enabling savers to prepare and plan for a secure future.

Our members shape our future

We believe members are the lifeblood of any successful building society. It’s therefore essential that members feel involved and influential, confident that their voice is heard.

The Society has various ways for members to tell us what they think about our products and services. We have regular face-to-face events such as Members' ViewPoint and our Annual General Meeting. There are also satisfaction surveys and comment cards while the innovation of our Customer Panel is a great example of how feedback from members can help us improve things for the better.

This valued relationship with our members underpins everything we do, giving us confidence and strength as a forward-thinking building society to face the future with real hope and optimism.

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