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How do I make a Standing Order payment to my account?

To set up a Standing Order payment to your account with the West Brom, you will need to contact your own bank.

The account details your bank will need to set up a standing order are:

West Bromwich Building Society at HSBC plc, 328 High Street, West Bromwich

Account Number: Your 8 digit West Brom account number

Sort Code: 40 64 36

It is important that you quote all details correctly when making a transaction. Please note: due to changes in legislation, we have made a change to our savings account numbers and shortened them to eight digits by removing the leading zero When quoting an existing savings account please quote your eight digit account number.

You will need to tell your bank:

  • the amount you want to pay into your account
  • the start date for the first payment
  • the frequency of the payment
  • the date you would like the payments to end. Alternatively, the standing order will continue until you tell your bank to stop the payments.

Please note that if you want a standing order payment to credit your account with the West Brom before the end of the month in which you make the payment, it will need to leave your bank account by the 23rd of the month.

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